Announcing the newest feature of the DogWatch SmartFence®: Boundary Challenge Alerts!

SmartFence users will now receive an alert whenever their dog challenges the boundary of their hidden fence. A boundary challenge means that the pet has entered the “Avoidance Zone” leading up to the hidden fence boundary, and has received an audible (or vibration) warning and/or a correction. Any time a warning or correction is triggered, the SmartFence will generate an alert notification.

Boundary Challenge Alerts can be received via text and/or email. This new feature was developed in response to requests from SmartFence customers and our DogWatch Dealers.

These new Boundary Challenge Alerts will reflect what you already see on the SmartFence WebApp’s unique TattleTale™ Graph. The TattleTale Graph lets you know when and how many times your pet has entered the Avoidance Zone. Tracking the frequency and timing of your pet’s boundary challenges gives you insights into events and distractions (mail delivery, school bus, yard maintenance) that may result in boundary challenges, or it may simply reflect the need to reinforce your pet’s training.

The Boundary Challenge Alert notifications will be sent when the collar syncs with the SmartFence Portal (hourly) and will be similar to other alerts generated by the SmartFence system. The messages will include a link so customers can easily disable it if they do not want to receive these notifications. Boundary Challenge Alerts can be disabled without disabling other SmartCollar™ alerts, such as the Low Battery Alert.

The SmartFence Boundary Challenge Alerts will be automatically implemented for all existing customers. If you have questions about these alerts, contact your local DogWatch Dealer today!