New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for people – dogs can join in, too! Here are four resolutions for dogs, and how DogWatch products can help you and your pup achieve these goals in 2024.

DogWatch outdoor hidden underground electronic dog fence

Stay Home and Safe

Does your pup like to chase squirrels deep into the woods? Or trample the flower beds? Or visit the neighbor’s cat? DogWatch® Hidden Fences can help! Our hidden fences keep pets safe in their yards and away from potential dangers like roads, driveways, pools and other potential trouble spots.

What is a hidden fence? A hidden fence (often mistakenly referred to generically as an “invisible fence” or “invisible dog fence”*) is an underground electronic pet fencing system that uses a radio signal to keep your dog in a designated containment area, such as a yard; or out of an area, such as a swimming pool, patio, or garden.

Why choose DogWatch Hidden Fences? Our underground electronic fences are installed by experienced, dedicated DogWatch Dealers who will help you determine the best layout for your property and provide essential PetFriendly™ training for you and your pet. Professional installation and training and knowing that you have ongoing support if you need it are included with a DogWatch Hidden Fence. You also get the Lifetime Limited Equipment Warranty (the best in the industry!) and exclusive safety features not found in other underground pet fence brands. Plus, DogWatch is the only hidden fence that offers a two-year battery (the longest battery life in the industry) and the security of an FM radio signal. But don’t just take our word for it – read these reviews from our many happy customers across the country!

If you need help with your wandering dog (or cat!), give your local DogWatch Dealer a call today or request your free quote online. Our Dealers will help you give your pets the freedom they crave, while giving you peace of mind that they will stay home and safe. And you can check this new year’s resolution off your list for good!

DogWatch Indoor Pet Fences

Stop Counter Surfing and Stop Scratching the Couch

Does your dog love to steal food from the kitchen? Or perhaps you have a cat who can’t stop scratching your new couch? Try our DogWatch Indoor Pet Fences!

Like our outdoor hidden fences, our Indoor Pet Fences use a radio signal to keep your pets away from certain areas in your home, including the kitchen counters, trash bins, furniture or any other area where they shouldn’t be. Plus, our indoor systems use the same collar as our outdoor fences, so you can easily add indoor products to your existing outdoor system.

Did you know that DogWatch works for cats, too! Find out more about our Cat Fences.

Learn more about our Indoor Pet Fences here, and call your local DogWatch Dealer or visit our store to order today.


BigLeash electronic dog training collar

Be a Better Hiking Buddy

Exercise is always a popular New Year’s Resolution, and including dogs is a great way to add a dose of fun to an old routine. Hiking with pets is a fun way to stay active, but before you go leash-free, you need to make sure that your dog has good recall.

Good recall is crucial to keeping your dog safe, as well as making the hiking trail accessible to all (including those who may not enjoy dogs running free beside them). An electronic dog training collar like our BigLeash® Remote Trainer can be very helpful in maintaining that connection with your dog and improving your dog’s recall. Our office dogs regularly wear the BigLeash when hiking at lunchtime in a nearby nature preserve, and it allows even our most stubborn pups (looking at you, Lucy!) the ability to run freely on the trail while remaining safe and connected to their dog parent.

Learn more about the BigLeash Remote Trainer here, and call your local DogWatch Dealer or visit our store to order one today.


SideWalker electronic leash training dog collar

Stop Pulling on the Leash

Walking your dog shouldn’t be a drag, but let’s face it, when your dogs pulls on the leash, it can be downright painful. If you and your dog need to improve your leash walking in 2024, give the SideWalker® Leash Trainer a try!

The SideWalker is a unique electronic dog training collar with a “self-teaching” design that trains your dog to walk side-by-side with you without pulling on the leash. It has 5 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option so you can select a setting appropriate for your dog. When the dog pulls on the leash, the pressure of the collar strap on the SideWalker activates either a vibration or a stimulation. The vibration or stimulation gradually increases as the dog pulls and resets when the pulling stops.

More walking, less pulling, and more time together side-by-side. That’s one more resolution to check off the list!

Learn more about the SideWalker here, and call your local DogWatch Dealer or visit our store to order one today.


BarkCollar electronic dog training collar from DogWatch

No More Excessive Barking

We all know the type. The dog that barks at the mailman, the neighbors, the vacuum, every squirrel in the yard, when the phone rings …on and on and on. This excessive barking can cause tension in relationships with your dog, family, neighbors and other pets. To help tame your over-enthusiastic barker, consider the BarkCollar™ No-Bark Trainer.

The BarkCollar is an electronic dog training collar that can help reduce this tension by teaching your dog to avoid excessive barking. If your dog barks excessively, the BarkCollar delivers a vibration or a stimulation at a level that is just enough to distract your dog and break the barking cycle. The BarkCollar has 7 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option so you can select a setting appropriate for your dog. The vibration or stimulation gradually increases within the selected setting if the dog continues to bark. When the barking stops, the collar resets.

With the BarkCollar, your dog can play more, bark less and tackle this pesky New Year’s Resolution at last.

Learn more about the BarkCollar here, and call your local DogWatch Dealer or visit our store to order one today.


Good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions! We hope DogWatch can help you stick to them and make this new year a great one for you and your dog.


* Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are Brand names, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.