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To DogWatch of Sarasota

I made the decision to purchase a DogWatch Hidden Fence to keep our one-year-old lab in our yard. Most of my neighbors had purchased the Invisible Fence brand. I had their representative come out and give me a quote. I went on the internet and found another company DogWatch. I talked to their representative and found the technology and cost was better with DogWatch. DogWatch uses FM band whereas the Invisible Fence uses AM band. The battery used by DogWatch lasts 2 years whereas the Invisible Fence company replaces their battery every 3 months and they can only be purchased from Invisible Fence. The local representative from DogWatch was Tim Smith. He was very comfortable to work with and was most patient with all my questions. He also did a fabulous job installing the system. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Thanks.

Mike Moran

To DogWatch of Northern Kentucky

Our Dog Watch dealer was wonderful to work with!! Her confidence in the product and her confidence in her work with our new puppy spoke for itself!! We even received quotes from other “hidden fence” companies and decided to go with DogWatch because the quality of the product and the value of the product speaks for itself. There were also no “sales gimmicks ” or “high pressure” sales tactics involved. Our dealer not only gave us thorough and accurate training on the DogWatch Hidden Fence, but she also took the time to answer any questions we had about our dog in general, since we had not owned a dog in probably about 20 years! She told us to call her with any questions or concerns and I truly believe she would follow through on that offer!

Chad M, Hebron KY


To Stateline DogWatch

I would like to thank Laurie for going out of her way and well beyond the call of duty to troubleshoot and fix our Dog Watch system. Laurie put in special effort to contact us, then offered to come out and help us at 7pm the night before Thanksgiving! We had installed the system in 2005 for Nellie and it has worked without fail until this spring when the line was broke due to a landscape project, followed by a lightning hit. She knows the system inside and out and quickly found cable issues, fixed them and replaced the transmitter.

All this work took just less than an hour, the cost was amazingly low, and she was a wealth of information about the system and best practices for installation and maintenance of the system. Thank you so much for your unselfishness and great service. You did exceed my expectations!

Andy Thompson, Middleton, WI

To DogWatch of Appalachia

I wrote earlier this week concerning some problems I was having with my new system. . . . I received an immediate call from your dealer, Rich Caron, and he came to my house yesterday and helped me with these issues. . . . I want you to know that I am now very satisfied with my system. Your dealer trained my dog so well that I never had to do any further training myself.

(My dog) has never attempted to cross the boundaries. This fence has made him a much happier dog as he can go outside at any time to run and play. It is nice for me not to have him cooped up in the house all the time. I will be recommending your products to my friends and neighbors.

I very much appreciate the ongoing support of your dealer, Rich Caron. I also was thrilled with the photograph he sent me of my dog. . . I can’t say enough about Rich’s kindness and sensitivity toward my animals.

I am very much looking forward to finishing the training of my cats so that they will be safer, also. Thank you for such a good product and excellent follow up support.

AK Morris, Charleston, WV

To DogWatch of Southeast Ohio

We love the DogWatch system and so does our lab, “Bear”. We have trained him three times a day for seven days now. He is running in our yard and we are now training him to catch a Frisbee, which is going to take a little longer than the training for the DogWatch system.

The local dealer, Mike, is a compassionate dog lover and this fence has made it possible for Bear to run in the yard and not be on a leash. Listen to this education and you can’t go wrong!

P.K. and Paula, Cambridge, OH

To DogWatch of the Carolina Coast

I had purchased an Invisible Fence brand system that was not working. The DogWatch representative was much more helpful than the Invisible Fence representative so I changed to a DogWatch system. It was a pleasure working with Robert!

Stephanie Harben, Wilmington, NC

To DogWatch of Central Kentucky

We have had our hidden fence and the “Big Leash” remote trainer for a few weeks now and love it. The outdoor system is great because it isn’t like an actual fence requiring maintenance, weed whipping and there are no worries about how it looks. We were surprised by how inexpensive it was compared to an actual fence. The indoor system is wonderful, because you don’t need ugly gates to keep your pet out of certain areas. This system is also great for training your pet with regard to bad behaviors. I would highly recommend DogWatch and Josh Sexton, Owner of DogWatch of Central Kentucky, because he is great with dogs and is good at understanding how your pet will respond. He trains your dog and even after he has gone, if you have questions or concerns he is very responsive.

The Fanning Family, Kentucky

To DogWatch of Central Florida

We are so happy with your fence system! Your installer, Neal Watson is simply THE BEST! He is knowledgeable – not only about the fence system, but about dogs in general. His training skills are wonderful, he has the patience of ten men and his demeanor is friendly and kind. The system is working great for our Cooper – and gives us great peace of mind knowing he can romp around and get all his energies spent and we don’t have to worry about him leaving our yard. Thanks so much to DogWatch and Neal.

Maggie and Bill Scatchard

To DogWatch Central Wisconsin

I purchased the DogWatch Hidden Fence System three years ago when my dog was one year old, it was the best investment I ever made. I live on a busy highway and I can let my dog run outdoors without worrying about her running out into the road. What is really great about this system is the battery in the collar is guaranteed to last for two years. Actually, after three years it is the first time I had to change the battery. So it lasted a whole year longer than expected. When I called Shane, my dealer, for a new battery it arrived in the mail the very next day.

Frieda Oelrich

To Stateline DogWatch

Sometimes it is worth taking the time to let someone know that their customer service went above and beyond expectation. Stateline DogWatch came to my house to install the fence within days of my inquiries. Explained how to work with the fence and my dog to have the most success. They were wonderful.

Julie Burfoot


To Hudson Valley DogWatch

I purchased the containment system to protect our Ridgeback puppy and our new shelter dog from running off of our seven-acre property and I was so impressed with, not only the system, but the service that Dave and his team provided us. Dave is obviously a qualified dog-trainer and understands how to quickly, and efficiently, teach the dogs about the property boundaries and understands the dog’s response to the system so that the settings can be set for that individual dog.

After our great experience with the containment system, we also purchased the “Big Leash” Remote Trainer for the Ridgeback and, within a day or two, she stopped tackling running children and listened and learned the commands we were trying to teach her . It saved us a ton of money on the trainer that we were about to hire. We also bought a few “Skedaddle” systems to keep her from counter-surfing.

We move them around as we need them (placing one on a table outside when we have food on it; another in front of a doorway when we don’t want her to enter a specific room) and, after our last Ridgeback ruled our life with his food obsessions, we are so relieved that we do not have to deal with that this time around. 

In addition to the amazing products, Dave and his team have the most amazing follow-up consultations I have ever seen in a company. The experience is not just one training session and a manual. They have extensive follow-up calls to see how things are going and their staff is professional and reliable. This is probably what separates them for many of the other companies out there.

Customer from Kinue Millbrook, NY


To DFW DogWatch

Thank you for the outstanding service and patience you’ve extended to me and my family. You met our time constraints, honored your bid and sent a very efficient and knowledgeable crew to install the system and provide initial training for our dog.

About your installers, Ryan and Paul: They were not only very efficient and knowledgeable, but extremely friendly and “invested” in us and our dog, Max. They were quick to listen and offer insights, and they were also very helpful in explaining the system, etc. In short, they went above and beyond the call of duty. If I were in the business, I’d hire them.

I am very pleased with your company and product. I will be recommending you to anyone who asks or I find out is seeking an underground pet containment system. Blessings to you, your family and company.

William Coull, Wylie, TX

To Triad DogWatch

Last Tuesday, our dog decided to dart from our backyard and run into 5 o’clock traffic on our very busy street. I called Triad DogWatch that same evening to discuss a hidden fence. They called me back the same night to discuss my family’s needs and spoke with me at length about training.

By Friday, they were out to assess our situation. We spent more time discussing training than the actual equipment. I was given three extremely fair estimates, all which met my needs at different levels.

Today was installation day…Wow! Our Dealer, Dave, was out this morning. He listened to my concerns and we developed a zone that makes everyone comfortable. I was most impressed with the TRAINING! They don’t just talk about it, they do it! Dave spent more than a half hour training the dog and training me on how to handle our dog in this new environment. He even had the patience to work my 5 year old.

We are so happy that we chose Triad DogWatch! We set out to purchase a hidden fence. What we received was a support system to keep our furbaby safe. Thank you Triad DogWatch!

Heather F, North Carolina

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