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What Our Dealers Say

The best way to learn about a business is to hear about it directly from those who do it. For those who enjoy working with animals (and their owners) and who want the freedom and challenge of being their own boss and running their own business, being an authorized DogWatch Dealer is the perfect combination.

Watch our Dealer Testimonials Video below, and read what a few of our Dealers have to say about why they love what they do and how they’ve each been able to build a thriving business and great lifestyle with DogWatch. We think that you’ll like what you hear.

Mark & Laurie Spain – Winnebago, Illinois

DogWatch continues over time to design, test, and produce their products to ‘lead the industry’ with innovative features and to provide outstanding support to its dealer network.

DogWatch offered the perfect opportunity for us to start a family business. Laurie invested 25 years as a Certified Veterinary Technician because of her love for animals. With three children about to enter college, our financial needs required some growth. But we couldn’t start a business with just any product, we had to believe the products were the absolute best in their market. Fortunately, we already knew this to be true about DogWatch. After having issues with our dog not being successfully contained by Invisible Fence® Brand, we researched our options and found DogWatch. The DogWatch technology quickly solved the problems we had experienced with Invisible Fence® Brand. So when we decided to start our own business, the choice was clear.

With DogWatch, we have been able to build our business so that it now fully supports our family and also provides a great opportunity for all members of our family work together. We have a full-time business with flexible work hours and even flexible work “seasons”. It is the best of all worlds!

Brent & Shannon Potvin – Atlanta, Georgia

Customers who want the best for their pets will choose the product with advanced features plus the reputation for quality that precedes it.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, we enthusiastically recommend a DogWatch Hidden Fence dealership. With DogWatch, you get to represent the most technologically advanced, capable, and cost effective product in a fast growing industry. Hidden fencing products are growing in demand, as is everything else in the pet industry. This isn’t the case with most small business opportunities. As a DogWatch Hidden Fence dealer, you get to help folks keep their pets safe at home, knowing that the product you’ve installed is the very best available on the market.

No other company in this business puts as much into the development and manufacturing quality of their products and support of their dealer network as DogWatch. This has been a huge help to us with competing more effectively in our sales territory. 

We could not have achieved the growth and success in our dealership that we’ve seen over the past four years with any other product. DogWatch made it possible.

Chris and Melisha Dolan – Ocala, Florida

The keys to our success are being genuinely passionate about the business, having a great product (the best!), and representing a company known for its integrity.

Our DogWatch dealership began in 2000 in Ft. Worth, Texas. In addition to my full-time career in education, I was a professional dog trainer. One day, a customer inquired about pet containment for her dog. I explored the possibilities and discovered DogWatch. After much research, we were convinced that DogWatch offered the very best products available. We applied for a dealership and started our first business! By working hard, it became possible to transition into the DogWatch business full time.

After 5 years in Dallas/ Ft. Worth, we sold our company in order to develop a DogWatch dealership in North Central Florida. We are happy to report that we are growing our new company and still enjoying the benefits of doing what we love. We now have a commercial office space where we are opening a DogWatch Dog Park and other services.

The fruits of a successful DogWatch dealership have provided for our family for a decade and we plan to continue to make the next decade even better.

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