Lily, a 7-month Australian Shepherd from Michigan, is a high-energy dog. She loves chasing after tennis balls, learning new tricks, and exploring the outdoors. Lily’s mom Tracey loves her herding dog’s spirited nature, but was worried about keeping her safe. Tracey uses a walker, and cannot chase after her speedy pup when she runs out the door or over to the neighbors’ yard.

While looking for a solution, Tracey found her local DogWatch Dealers, Rachael and Derrick Woiderski. The Woiderskis are the owner-operators of DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC and the authorized DogWatch Hidden Fence Dealers serving Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and the surrounding area. After speaking with Tracey over the phone, they knew that they could help her and Lily stay safe and have more fun together.

Tracey selected a ProFence for Lily. “It blew me away how quickly she caught on,” says Tracey, describing Lily’s first day of hidden fence training with Derrick. “I couldn’t believe it.” After three sessions of on-leash training with K9 Keeper, Lily was ready to run off-leash in her yard, with her mom confident that the young pup will stay within her new hidden fence boundary.

While getting to know Tracey and Lily, Derrick also learned that the pair could use additional help with training. In particular, it wasn’t really safe for Tracey to walk Lily using a regular leash due to the potential of her falling while using her walker. So the K9 Keeper team decided to donate a BigLeash Remote Trainer and a free training session to help with keep them both safe.

Derrick started by working with Lily on the very important “recall” command. “Lily is a fun dog to work with,” says Derrick. “She’s friendly, smart and eager to learn. We have already seen progress with her training, and think she will continue to learn and grow and be a wonderful companion to Tracey.”

To see Lily’s training in action, check out this video below.


Tracey is thankful to her local DogWatch Dealers for helping her keep Lily safe and giving Lily the freedom to play and explore off-leash. “Lily is my first dog on my own,” she says. “All of this is new, and we both are learning together. Having the hidden fence and the BigLeash is great, and the knowledge provided by the K9 Keeper team is wonderful.”

Thanks to Tracey for sharing her story with us. We hope you and Lily have a wonderful life together!

Photo and video provided by DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing LLC.