Are you looking for a hidden pet fence that will work alongside your robotic lawn mower? Or are you looking to buy a robotic lawn mower but worried that it might interfere with your existing hidden dog fence or Invisible Fence™?* There are definitely things you need to consider, but we’ve got good news – the DogWatch Hidden Fence can work in close proximity with a robotic lawnmower without interference!

First, here’s some background on the issue. Underground dog fences and robotic lawn mowers both use a buried wire that conducts a radio signal. When you bury two wires carrying the same type of radio signal too close together, the dueling signals cancel each other. The wires need to be far enough apart that the signals do not interfere with each other, or the signals need to be different.

If the hidden fence and the robotic mower wires do not come close to each other and do not intersect, you shouldn’t have a problem. However, in a typical yard, it is difficult to configure both systems so they are not close to each other and do not overlap. The other issue is that most dog fence systems use an AM radio frequency similar to most robotic mower signals. As with a magnet when you bring the same poles together they repel the signal. If no signal is being emitted, one or other (or both) of the units will not work.

Another consideration when installing robotic mower and a hidden fence that both operate on an AM signal is that the AM radio signal from the robotic mower may inadvertently trigger the receiver collar worn by the dog. In addition to needlessly giving the dog a correction from the collar, it may confuse the dog regarding the location of their fence boundary. Training the dog to expect a consistent boundary is an important part of why hidden fences are so effective.

In contrast, the DogWatch system uses a Digital FM signal. FM frequencies are less susceptible to interference from other signals, so the fence collar is less likely to activate in unexpected locations. And because the DogWatch system uses an FM signal and most robotic mowers operate on an AM signal, the two can usually operate side-by-side without interference.

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In the event any interference does occur between robotic lawn mowers and DogWatch Hidden Fences, your local DogWatch Dealer will be there to offer a solution. Samantha and Ward Chapman of DogFence, our DogWatch Hidden Fence Dealers in the UK, have installed a number of hidden fences alongside these lawn mower systems. They report that, when interference does occur, adjusting the placement of the wires can solve the problem. In other cases, a quick adjustment of the frequency of the hidden fence will do the trick.

DogWatch Dealers Patti and Shane Brzezinski of DogWatch of Central Wisconsin recently installed a hidden fence for a customer with an existing robotic lawn mower (see photo above). “This is a true testament to our patented SafeLink® Digital FM signal,” said Patti. “Unlike other hidden fences we are able to install our fence on properties with robotic mowers and have no issues regarding false activation on the dog’s receiver collars.”

If you have any questions about using robotic lawn mowers with a hidden fence system, contact your DogWatch Dealer today!


* DogWatch hidden dog fences are often mistakenly referred to generically as “invisible fences” or “invisible dog fences.” Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are Brand names, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.