Seeing a happy, healthy dog playing in his own yard without a tether and without constant supervision is a joy to a dog lover, and frequently leads to a friendly chat with that well-behaved dog’s owner. More often than not, the impressed observer learns that there is an underground pet fence installed around the yard’s perimeter and the dog has been trained to respect that boundary.

After seeing the freedom and safety provided by such a fence, there are often questions about buying and installing an “invisible” or hidden fence. The answer is that there are several underground pet fence options with various features, price ranges and quality. Some are Dealer-installed while others are designed for self-installation, and it is good to do some homework before making a decision.

If you are thinking of purchasing a pet fence system, we hope you will consider DogWatch! Here are some reasons why DogWatch is a smart choice and some important things you need to consider when evaluating the options.

An underground fence is a training tool that must be introduced correctly to be consistently effective. Proper introductory training of your dog assures that he is not confused or frightened by the system and that he recognizes and respects the boundaries. DogWatch is a professionally installed system that includes training for both the dog and the dog’s people plus follow-up after the system is installed to ensure the fence is working and the dog is safe and happy. Self-installed dog fence systems may provide an instruction guide but do not include on-site training or follow-up.

Consider the life of the product and the equipment warranty when making your decision. All the reputable companies offer some kind of warranty, but not all the warranties are the same and some are available only for additional cost. DogWatch outdoor systems include a lifetime warranty as a standard feature. It even covers damage if your adorable pooch chews on the receiver. With DogWatch, if you move and take the system with you, the warranty for your system continues to be valid. Read the warranty carefully and ask questions for each of the systems you are considering.

  • Battery cost and life vary greatly. A system that requires a proprietary battery, frequent replacement or one that must be replaced by a Dealer will add significantly to your costs. Rechargeable batteries are less reliable than standard batteries, require removing the receiver collar frequently for recharging and are expensive to replace. Batteries for the DogWatch system have longer battery life than all other systems and can be changed by the user. See a comparison of batteries and of their ongoing costs here.
  • Adjustments to the system that must be done by a Dealer are inconvenient and add to your overall cost. You should be able to do something as simple as changing the level of correction that your pet receives. A system that is adjustable by the user means no waiting for a service person and no service charge. DogWatch equipment is owner-adjustable and support is available by phone and “how to” videos on the DogWatch website. For Dealer installed systems, be sure to ask what is user-adjustable and what requires Dealer adjustment. Also know what kind of support is available if you have questions or need assistance, especially if you are considering a self-installed underground dog fence.
    Consider the usefulness and value of the features of each system. Does the system alert you to a low battery? How’s your dog doing? Will you know if he has he tested the boundary lately? Does the system include lightening protection or is that an add-on? Will your pet be confused by unintended corrections when your neighbor uses their garage door opener or can you be certain that he will receive a correction only if he tests the boundary? See how the DogWatch system compares to Invisible Fence,® (another leading pet containment brand).
  • In addition to choosing the system that is best for your pet, by choosing DogWatch, you are also choosing the system that is best for your community. DogWatch products are lead-free and compliant with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances initiative (RoHS). They are safe for your pet and safe for landfills. And our Dealer network is 100% locally owned, so that the investment you make stays in your community.

luna-300x300DogWatch Hidden Fences are sold and installed only by local DogWatch Dealers who own their own businesses – no franchises or regional distribution networks. A happy customer is their best advertising, so DogWatch Dealers have a strong incentive to make sure the installation and training are done correctly and that their Customer Service is second to none.

Imagine opening your door to let your dog out, confident that he won’t roam or be in danger from traffic. Gone are the days when a dog needs to be accompanied or tethered whenever he’s outdoors. Gone are the days of worrying about open gates or fences that you dog can chew through, dig under or jump over. By installing an underground dog fence you give him freedom and safety while giving yourself peace of mind. When you take the next step and choose a hidden fence system, we hope it will be DogWatch, the most advanced and most customer-focused system on the market.