Happy Holidays from DogWatch® Inc! In honor of the season of giving, we wanted to tell you about an organization that is working hard to make a big difference in the lives of many pets and their families in 2022.

This year, DogWatch® Inc. is making a donation to The National Canine Cancer Foundation.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation logo

One out of every three dogs will get cancer in their lifetime. Because of this startling fact, The National Canine Cancer Foundation was founded with the goal to save dogs’ lives, educate dog owners, and find new treatments and a cure for canine cancer.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation’s website hosts a comprehensive canine cancer library full of educational resources for pet parents. The Foundation also helps fund universities that are performing cutting-edge research toward prevention, finding cures, better treatments, and more accurate cost-effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine cancer.

DogWatch is proud to support The National Canine Cancer Foundation in their mission to diminish the number of dogs who are suffering from cancer.

May your holidays be filled with peace, good health, happy pets and plenty of wagging tails!