Did you know that DogWatch works for cats, too! Check out this great video from a very happy DogWatch cat customer!

Boo is a 1 year-old deaf male cat from Dallas, TX who loves to play in his backyard. Keeping him in the backyard, however, was a problem. Despite his family’s best efforts to keep him contained, Boo frequently climbed over fences and in trees to explore his neighborhood. This behavior is especially risky for Boo, as he is unable to hear the sounds of cars, wildlife or other potential dangers.

Boo’s family was in need a solution to keep him safe while still giving him the outside access he craved. So they called their local DogWatch Dealer, DFW DogWatch, to learn more about hidden fences for cats. “After long hard deliberation,” Boo’s mom wrote on YouTube, “we decided to install a hidden/radio fence with a correction collar to keep our cat Boo in the yard.”

Boo’s video, featured above, details the training process, and shows how Jay Kellam from DFW DogWatch helped address concerns and guided Boo and his mom through the training. Boo’s mom produced this video because in her initial research, she found that “most videos of cats learning their boundaries are frightening and not caring. People think cats can’t be trained and must learn on their own.” She adds, “I wanted to do it right and show others that it doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. I also wanted to share our wonderful experience with [DogWatch].”

Thanks to Boo the Deaf Kitty for making this video and spreading the word about DogWatch Hidden Fences! We are proud to help keep you – and many other wonderful cats, dogs and other pets around the world – safe and happy in their yards.

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