Did you know that more than 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States, and one out of three pets will be lost during its lifetime? To bring attention to this issue, July has been designated Lost Pet Prevention Month. July was chosen because July 5th is typically the busiest day for shelter intakes in the United States. The increase is shelter admissions on July 5th is attributed to dogs running from their owners due to fear of 4th of July fireworks.

At DogWatch®, it’s our mission to keep pets safe. We are pet owners ourselves, and can understand the heartache that pet owners must feel when their pet is lost. We are dedicated to creating products than can help reduce the number of lost pets and give pet parents peace of mind that their dogs (and cats) will not be one of those 10 million lost each year. Ollie, a three year-old Great Pyrenees mix from Illinois, was once one of those sad statistics.

This gentle giant (pictured) habitually escaped his five acre physically fenced yard to visit the neighboring farm where he once lived. When he didn’t come home after one such trip, his worried mom posted a “lost dog” message on her town’s Facebook page to ask her neighbors for help. That’s when one of Ollie’s mom’s neighbors – DogWatch Dealer Laurie Spain of Stateline DogWatch – knew she had to help.

Ollie the Great Pyrenees mix

By the time Laurie saw the post, Ollie was back home safe. (Phew!) So she offered to help keep Ollie at home for good this time by installing a DogWatch® Hidden Fence around their yard. Ollie’s mom agreed, and Laurie and her team quickly installed the underground fence and began Ollie’s training.

“Ollie is a very timid dog but still has strong Great Pyrenees drive to patrol,” said Laurie. “We had Mom acclimate Ollie to a long drag leash prior to training to the fence. This set him up for success with his first training session. Instead of fighting the leash pressure, he knew when he feels a tug on the leash, he is to back away from the fence line.” “Every dog trains a little differently,” adds Laurie, “and we love seeing the training “click” with the dog.”

Ollie has a few more sessions of training to complete before he’s completely leash-free, but his mom said he’s “going to enjoy his new freedom.” And we know she’ll rest easier knowing Ollie is safe at home.

Ollie’s story is just one of many stories from our customers about how DogWatch Hidden Fences have changed their lives for the better. Here are a few examples:

  • We have a Border Collie puppy that started chasing cars (and lawnmowers, bikes, etc.) and ran like crazy after deer and other wildlife on our farm. Dogwatch Hidden fence allowed us to create a huge safe area for her to roam around but with a gentle correction at the ‘fence-line’ that keeps her from running wild. She’s happy to have free run of the acreage (no more dog run!) and we’re happy that she’s safe and secure. Within a week she understood the system and we would recommend it to anyone with similar issues! — Julliette, DogWatch of Peace Country customer
  • My dog is a skilled escape artist with a Beagle nose. He climbed chainlink fences, dug out of privacy fences, dug under the concrete to prevent him from digging out, used his dog house to jump over fences…Nothing we could do would keep him in, and we spent hours chasing him. We read really great reviews about DogWatch of Chattanooga and decided to call. Cliff came out the day we called and gave us an estimate and was back in a couple days to install the wiring. Cliff got it completed in a day!!! He even took the time to train us and our dog on how to use the fence. Our dog has not gotten loose once since Cliff installed. This company and Cliff are lifesavers! Would highly recommend to anyone!!! — Bayli Y., DogWatch of Chattanooga customer


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