Terriers are known to be energetic, fearless, and independent. They seem to be on high alert at all times and can be reactive to even the slightest disturbance. Terriers are also known to be diggers and escape artists with a penchant for exploring their surroundings and occasionally resulting in a run-away dog. Terriers do not hesitate to stand up to larger dogs, and that can cause owners a great deal of anxiety when their four-legged family members get out.

Because of their high energy levels, escape skills, and desire to investigate yards of neighbors, terrier owners often assume that a hidden fence is not an option for them. Penny, a long-time DogWatch® customer from DogWatch® of Mid-Canada, thought just the same.

Safety First

Penny found herself as a first-time terrier owner when a rat terrier named Merf joined her family. “When we got Merf, we joined a rat terrier group and read a lot of comments about how you can never let them off leash as they have such a strong prey drive.” Since her house and a one-acre lot were positioned directly between a large river and a busy highway, Penny was particularly concerned about that prey drive. Not wanting to confine Merf to a leash for his entire life, Penny started researching hidden fences. “Initially, we were looking at ones we could install ourselves as we are stubborn that way, and then we came upon Dogwatch®. We loved the concept of a local representative, full install, training, and most importantly the warranty.”

When Penny’s DogWatch® Dealer, Reid Kenyon of DogWatch® of Mid-Canada, started Merf’s training, Penny immediately knew she made the right decision. “We tried not to hover, but when we were brought into the training I was amazed at Merf’s strong reaction to the flags, and that gave me some confidence.” However, in the back of Penny’s mind, the thought still lingered: terriers will be terriers. “The hardest part was the first time we let him off-leash and let him go – that is heart-stopping! Particularly when he ran towards the road. Then he just stopped.” Penny knew she could now trust Merf off-leash, and, to this day, Merf has remained safe thanks to his training: “he sees a lot of squirrels and bunnies running around and never even tries to cross the line to get them.”


Rat Terrier

Merf, a rat terrier from DogWatch® of Mid-Canada


Merf now enjoys long days out in the yard with Penny and her family as the happiest version of himself. “It sounds super cheesy, but it makes me smile to watch him enjoy his space and run around like a complete goof.”

Penny and Merf’s story is just one example of terrier success with DogWatch® Hidden Fences. Here are some more unique terrier experiences!

Terriers With a High Drive

Jeff and Erin, two DogWatch® customers from the Chicago area, were looking for a way to contain their “squirrel-crazed Jack Russell Terrier.” With terriers, owners are constantly concerned about their dog’s high energy levels. Jeff and Erin’s DogWatch Dealers, Sue and Bruce Thompson of DogWatch® by C No Pet Fence, took the time to address that specific concern during the initial training. “We had a great experience with our local provider. They went out of the way to make sure we were happy with the fence and would definitely recommend them.” Jeff and Erin got just what they needed, and after a week with our expert trainers, the results speak for themselves. “Great service, and the fence and collar work just as we expected them to.”

jack russell terrier on a dogwatch hidden fence

Sunny, a Jack Russell terrier from DogWatch® of Santa Barbara

Terriers That Wander

Jeff, a DogWatch® customer from Wisconsin, had a few issues with his two small terriers. His dogs “would chase bunnies and charge dogs being walked by my neighbors. One would get to a neighboring house to eat the cat food they put outside.” Aside from being great hunters, terriers can be territorial, which usually doesn’t pair well with their general lack of fear. On top of that, terriers love to explore and have an innate ability to seek out food, even neighboring cat’s dinners. Jeff knew he needed to find a way to keep his overly-enthusiastic pups safe. After calling Jason Bouchea of DogWatch® of Northeast Wisconsin and taking training seriously, “neither will leave the yard. Period.”

Pookie and Pooka, a pair of Yorkshire terriers from DogWatch® of Northeast Indiana

Training Done Right

Liz, a customer from Rochester, NY, is on year six of DogWatch® with her Wheaten Terrier, and has never had an issue! “It has done a great job keeping him in the yard! It didn’t take long at all to train him on it and DogWatch® by Billone Fence has been wonderful.” Our Dealers do so much more than install a fence. Their goal is to set you and your pup up for continued success and happiness, and they’ll stay with you every step of the way. Liz was so happy with the customer service she received from Billone Fence, that she decided to double-dip!: “We installed a second fence at our cottage which has been a lifesaver. Highly recommend!”

Wheaten Terrier on a Dogwatch Hidden Fence

Ari, a wheaten terrier from DogWatch® of Idaho


DogWatch® Dealers have successfully trained every type of terrier from Jack Russells and Irish terriers to Rat terriers and Boston terriers and everything in between. Aileen and Bob Howard of DogWatch® of Upstate NY have serviced over 20 different variations themselves, including their own Bull terrier!


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DogWatch hidden dog fences are often mistakenly referred to generically as an “invisible fence” or “invisible dog fence.” Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are Brand names, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.