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Hidden Fence of Australia

Hidden Fence brand is the official authorised importer of all DogWatch® Hidden Fencing products in Australia. Since 2002, Hidden Fence founded the “full service electronic dog fence installation and dog training” in Australia. Australian dog and cat owners are able to rest easy knowing that Hidden Fence, featuring the DogWatch® brand, are available in most regions of Australia for full professional hidden fence installation, as well as the most popular and best available dog fence DIY system.

Australian DIY customers enjoy the dog fence purchase option by engaging with our “Design your Fence” featured here:


What our customers say

Bear with me whilst I tell you a story about a CAT and 2 dogs!
We checked out hidden fences about 8 years ago and I was NOT a fan ...
Fast forward to last year when we sold our farm and moved to 5 acres on the outskirts of Brisbane. With 2 dogs AND A CAT - yes, you read that right, A CAT, I was really concerned with how to make sure I kept the animals in our property - they were used to a lot of space. Also, I did not want them bothering the neighbours and had to keep them safe - they had no road sense as we never needed to teach them that on the farm.
So I did some research, spoke to some people, and found Vance at Hidden Fencing. Right from our first conversation he was exceptional. Answered all my questions, explained everything. I was only calling about the DOGS, and right at the end, I flipped in a sarcastic "and what about the cat? Will it work on him too?" To my surprise, he said that this could be used with cats too, with a slightly different training regime.
Fast forward and I had the fence installed. We had a few problems initially, and Vance was always there to answer my calls. He sent the guys out several times. Turns out that the power point we had the system plugged in to was on a timer!! Go figure, but they figured it out. Moved the power to a new point, and we have not had a problem since.
I love this. I am now a HUGE fan. Wish I had found Vance 8 years ago ...
And BONUS - MY CAT stays in the yard!!
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. Will take this wherever I go. Amazing peace of mind about my animals being safe and secure. Worth every cent. And a huge thank you to Vance and the team, who are all exceptional.

Jennie Brown

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