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Outdoor Hidden Fence Owner’s Guides

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Training Guide

Hidden Fence Training Guide
General Training Guide for all Hidden Fence systems


ProFence™ / Performance Series®

Owner’s Guide: PT4 System / R7 & R9 Receiver Models
Full Owner’s Guide, includes the Training Guidelines

PT4 Transmitter Sheet
Two-page sheet, includes photo and the features of the PT4 Transmitter

R7 and R9 Receiver Collar Quick Reference*
For models with multi-tool “test light magnet”

R7 and R9 Receiver Collar Quick Reference*
For models with tube-shaped “test light magnet”


1200Fence Owner’s Guide
For receiver with status light




SmartFence QuickStart Guide

SmartFence Owners Guide

SmartCollar Quick Reference


Older Models

PT3 Owner’s Guide
For transmitters without Loop Monitor Display, booklet includes operating instructions for the PT3 Transmitter and R7 and R8 Receivers

Owner’s Guide – 1200 System
For receiver without status light

Owner’s Guide – 3000 System

*Note: The Operating Instructions for the R7 and the R7mini are the same. The products are referred to in the Owner’s Guides and the Quick Reference as “R7” without distinction as to the model.