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Outdoor Hidden Fence FAQs

  • What is a hidden fence?
  • How do hidden dog fences work?
  • How does my dog learn where the hidden fence boundary is?
  • Will the stimulation from a hidden dog fence collar hurt my dog?
  • How is DogWatch® different from Invisible Fence® and other brands?
  • Are there other benefits to the DogWatch Hidden Fence?
  • How much do hidden fences cost?
  • How big an area will the hidden fence cover? What kinds of areas will it cover?
  • Will the DogWatch hidden fence work for more than one dog?
  • Will DogWatch work for my cat?
  • Can my dog get out of the hidden fence containment area?
  • Do hidden dog fences keep other dogs out?
  • Will a DogWatch hidden fence system work with any dog?
  • How old does my dog have to be before training begins?
  • What if my house loses electrical power?
  • Are hidden fence systems safe during a lightning storm?
  • Is there a guarantee on the DogWatch System?
  • Where are DogWatch Dealers located?
  • What if I move?
  • What else do I need to know about DogWatch?
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