We want to introduce you to some of our valued DogWatch team members. At our headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, DogWatch Inc. employs individuals with disabilities from the the ARC of Eastern Middlesex (EMARC) as part of our DogWatch team. We depend on them for preparing product packages that we ship from our headquarters to our DogWatch Dealers across the country and around the world.

Currently there are 24 individuals who rotate through the DogWatch work space each month. They have been an important part of our process for many years and they do a great job.

Several years ago, the DogWatch EMARC team switched from doing everything at an off-site location to a dedicated work space in DogWatch headquarters.  The change has been a win-win for all of us. We no longer need to transport products back and forth and the EMARC team gets to spend time in an operational work environment.

But the best part is the transformation that happened when they began interacting with our four-footed staff members! The DogWatch office dogs are a big part of why DogWatch is considered a favorite work location among EMARC participants. Many of EMARC team members who had been quiet, shy or withdrawn now actively interact with the dogs (and us, too!) with big smiles on their faces. And the office dogs respond to them accordingly. It is quite something to behold.

We want to thank our DogWatch EMARC team members for their excellent work!