DogWatch Inc. is proud to announce the addition of an exciting new product to our line of hidden underground pet fence options. The SmartFence™ provides all the same benefits of our award-winning DogWatch® Hidden Fences plus the addition of mobile connectivity.

The first “connected fence” of its kind, the SmartFence syncs with a mobile app that provides pet parents with easily accessible information about the status of their hidden fence system. In addition to providing information about the hidden fence, the app also displays hourly updates of the dog’s activity.

An important feature of the SmartFence is that the pet parents can be notified by text or email if there is an issue with the hidden fence, such as a break in the underground wire or a low battery in the pet’s collar. This allows the pet parents to ‘know before the dog does.’


“DogWatch products have always stood out from the pack thanks to our focus on safety, reliability and innovation,” says Fred King, DogWatch’s Founder and President. “As dog parents ourselves, we know how important it is to keep our dogs safely contained and away from busy roads and other hazards. Pet parents now have the ability to remotely monitor their hidden fence, which will give them even greater peace of mind and give their pets an unprecedented level of safety.”

DogWatch Hidden Fences, including the new SmartFence, are sold and installed only by authorized DogWatch Dealers. “Our local Dealers own their own business, so they are committed to high quality and outstanding service,” says King. DogWatch has over 200 authorized Dealers across the United States and around the world.

“We’re really excited to begin offering the SmartFence technology,” says Brent Potvin, owner and CEO of Atlanta DogWatch and an authorized DogWatch Dealer. “Our customers have come to expect superior technology from DogWatch and the SmartFence is just the natural next step for our clients who want the additional safety the SmartFence provides. It also helps pet owners stay more connected to their pets at all times.”

DogWatch SmartFence App

The SmartFence app works on both iOS and Android devices. The web-based SmartFence app can also be accessed from a desktop computer or any Internet-enabled device so that even pet owners without smartphones can monitor their systems and receive text or email notifications.
Founded in 1990, DogWatch Inc. is an established leader in the pet containment industry. DogWatch Hidden Fences, including the new SmartFence, use radio-frequency technology to transmit a signal from an underground wire (the hidden fence) to a receiver collar worn by the dog. The dog is trained to recognize the signal and stay in within the hidden fence. DogWatch Hidden Fences are the only underground or “invisible” fences operating on an FM frequency. This makes it less prone to interference and inadvertent signals which can happen with products using an AM frequency.

“We already offer the best technology in the business, with a Lifetime Warranty, 2-Year collar batteries, state-of-the-art lightning protection . . . and more,” says Potvin. “The DogWatch SmartFence system really enhances our portfolio of technologically advanced products and secures our position as an industry leader.”

“DogWatch is committed to providing smart products for today’s pets,” says King, “and tomorrow’s pets, too.”

Learn more about the DogWatch SmartFence here.