Here at DogWatch, we know that no two pets are exactly alike. That’s why our DogWatch receiver collar settings can be individually adjusted to suit the breed, size, age and temperament of each dog and/or cat on the system. But what if your dog is hearing impaired, and can’t hear the audible warning signal? Or what if your pet has sensitive skin or a short coat, and needs a lower profile contact post? DogWatch has solutions!

DogWatch Hidden Fence Vibration Receiver Collar

DogWatch R9V Receiver Collar

All DogWatch systems feature a warning signal, which alerts your dog that he is approaching the boundary. Our standard collars use an audible alert. While this option works for most pets, it is not the best option for pets who are hard-of-hearing or deaf. That’s why we created a Vibration Receiver Collar. The collar’s vibration warning is perfect for older and/or hearing-impaired dogs. Your pet can quickly learn to stop at the warning signal before he reaches the hidden wire, just like his hearing counterparts.

Ryan Betz of DogWatch of Nashville recently worked with a deaf Labrador Retriever using the Vibration Receiver Collar, and the training was a success. His takeaway? “Vibration works!”

The Vibration Receiver Collar also gives users the flexibility to set the warning signal to vibration and the boundary signal to an appropriate correction level or to set both signals to vibration-only. Your DogWatch Dealer will work with you to find the optimal settings to keep your dog safe and happy in his yard.

To learn more about training and caring for a deaf dog, here’s an informative article from to answer some of your questions.

GentleFit™ Contact Posts

DogWatch GentleFit Contact Posts

Optional GentleFit Contact Posts are easy on your dog’s skin. They are smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimize friction and low profile for a comfortable Pet-Friendly™ fit. These unique contact posts are great for dogs with short coats or sensitive skin.

GentleFit Contact Posts are also a “purrfect” fit for cats using a DogWatch Hidden Fence system. The comfortable fit can help ease her into the habit of wearing a containment collar. . . because dogs shouldn’t be the only ones having fun!

If you have any questions about DogWatch Hidden Fences, the Vibration Receiver Collar or GentleFit Contact Posts, please contact your local dealer or DogWatch Customer Service at or 800-793-3436, Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST.