Great news about the BigLeash® Remote Trainer from DogWatch!

The BigLeash Remote Trainer is a safe and effective training tool to help you train and communicate with your dog. Both models, the Big Leash S-15 Remote Trainer and the Big Leash V-10 Vibration Trainer, recently received a 2014 “Family Choice Award” recognizing each of them as one of the “best in Pet products and resources.”

The Big Leash can be used to help train your dog and to address many behaviors. It is used to reinforce good behavior and can help eliminate bad behavior. The BigLeash is a great way to take off-leash walks (in appropriate areas) with you dog.

Big Leash Remote Trainer

The BigLeash S-15, similar to most other remote trainers, has ½ mile range, 15 training levels, brief and continuous modes, vibration and tone signals – everything the dog owner or dog trainer needs for maximum training flexibility. You can easily maintain two dogs on one transmitter.

The BigLeash V-10 has all the same great features except it includes only a vibration signal and an audible tone without the brief and continuous correction modes. There are 10 different levels of vibration so it will work with a wide variety of dogs.

“In Touch”® Two-Way Communication with Your Dog

“In-Touch” Two Way Communication is an exclusive BigLeash feature. BigLeash is the only electronic dog training and communication tool in which the dog collar communicates back to the handheld transmitter. “In-Touch” Two Way Communication provides valuable information displayed on the LCD screen, including the status of the receiver, the training level setting, battery status and which collar is receiving the signal (dog 1 or dog 2). There is also a unique signal strength indicator that lets you know the collar and handheld transmitter are communicating and that the dog is within range, even if the dog is out of sight!

FireFly® Night Light

Another exclusive feature that BigLeash offers is the FireFly night light, 4 LED lights on the dog’s receiver collar that can be activated from the handheld transmitter. This is great for locating the dog in the dark or walking him at night.

Visit the DogWatch Training Products website to learn more about how dogs and their owners are enjoying freedom and safety, thanks to the Bigleash Remote Trainer.

Customer Comment:

“Durable, waterproof receiver. Rain or swimming is ok. The LED lights are great at night. Battery life is good. I use the BigLeash training collar 3-5 hours a day for a week before recharging. Nice option of vibration or sound.”
Sarah M., Richmond, VA