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DogWatch of Santa Barbara

We provide services to customers in the Central Coast including Southern San Luis Obispo County through Southern Santa Barbara County area.

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Kirk Nielsen

(805) 682-9220

About us:

DogWatch® Hidden Fence of Santa Barbara was established in early 1993 by Kirk and Karen Nielsen, a husband and wife team who have been Santa Barbara residents for over 50 years. As the original founders of their family-owned and operated DogWatch Dealership, they are 100% committed to the happiness of their customers and safety of their dogs.

With over 30 years of combined experience in electronic pet containment and over 2,500 dogs personally trained and contained with the DogWatch containment system, they have worked tirelessly to proudly achieve a success rate of 99.9%. Kirk and Karen strive to provide their clients and their family’s pets with the best possible experience.

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