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Indoor Boundaries Training Tips

Reminder: Never adjust the transmitter while your pet is wearing the receiver collar.

  • Establish your boundary area(s) (see Owner’s Guide) and mark the edge of the Audible Warning Zone with flags just past where the receiver collar picks up the audible signal. The boundary flags serve as visual clues for your pet while he learns which areas are safe and which areas to avoid.
  • Put the receiver collar on your pet, making sure it is adjusted appropriately. It should be snug, with the contact posts touching the skin, but not uncomfortably tight.
  • Attach a leash to your pet’s regular collar and approach the signal field. As you near the flags, shake a boundary flag in front of him, and firmly say, “Watch out!” or “Careful!”
  • Allow your pet to walk past the boundary flags. As he crosses into the audible warning area, he will hear a beeping noise. If your pet has already been trained to an outdoor Hidden Fence, he may retreat immediately when he sees the flags or hears the beeps. If he continues into the correction zone, he will receive a brief ‘correction’ (a mild sensation that is unpleasant but will not harm your pet.) Immediately call out, “Watch out”, and tug the leash firmly to pull your pet out of the signal field.
  • Again, allow your pet to approach the boundary flags. If he retreats when he hears the audible warning, reinforce the behavior with praise and affection. If your pet fails to stop at the audible warning, repeat the above. You may need to repeat this several times over several days. Allow for plenty of rest and play time between training sessions.
  • Gradually remove the flags after your pet is trained.
  • Each time you set up a new boundary area, be sure to retrain your pet to the new boundary area. If your pet enters the avoidance area without responding to the correction signal, make sure that both the transmitter and the receiver collar are “on” and working. If both the transmitter and the receiver are functioning properly, you may need to increase the signal range on the transmitter or the correction level on the collar.
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