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What it Takes

Is becoming a DogWatch Dealer right for you?

If you enjoy working with people and pets, have good communication skills and want to own your own business, you have the core qualities that define DogWatch Dealers.

DogWatch Dealers come from a wide range of backgrounds. A large number of Dealerships are owned and operated by couples who both actively participate in the business. Many are owned by women. Our Dealer network is comprised of young “go-getters,” recent retirees, and everything in-between.

Dealer Qualities

  • a strong entrepreneurial drive,
  • good communication skills, and
  • a commitment to outstanding customer service!


What it takes to get started

You will need training (which we provide), inventory, an appropriate vehicle and some basic equipment. A storefront is not required. There are no franchise fees or other royalty or “ownership” fees.

What You Will Need

Equipment & Tools

Initial DogWatch Inventory

Insurance (Vehicle, Property, General Liability)

Computer, Software, Office Equipment & Phones

Website and Online Advertising

Vehicle Graphics

Miscellaneous Marketing Items

DogWatch University (Travel & Accommodations)

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