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DogWatch of the Piedmont

Proudly providing Hidden Fences to customers in the The Piedmont Area area since 1995

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Lawrence Sowers

Toll-free: (800) 850-5242

About us:

After retiring from the US Air Force, I was looking for something interesting in the sales and service industry. I became a DogWatch Dealer in 1995 and found my true niche.

Before I became a DogWatch Dealer, I was a DogWatch customer. After getting settled into a new home, I purchased my first pet. We had always had pets, primarily dogs growing up. Having a pet comes with much responsibility at the time, I thought, my best option was a kennel. I have three acres, however, right next to a busy neighborhood road. When I would get home from work I would let my pet out to play catch. Sadly, I lost my pet to the road while being right there.

Shortly afterwards I found out about pet containment systems. In the course of my research I became a DogWatch® Dealer. DogWatch Hidden Fences not only keep my dogs Champagne and Rusty safe but, thousands, yes thousands of their friends safe, too. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do!

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