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DogWatch of AB

DogWatch® of Southern AB and SK is a family owned business run by Ken and Joanne Schnell. We are avid dog lovers and owners who understand the need to keep our pets safe and secure. The decision to sell the DogWatch brand of products involved due diligence with the comparison of competing brands as well as DogWatch. We are glad to say the DogWatch brand demonstrates a commitment to safety and security using leading technologies the others do not even come close to.

Ken Schnell

(403) 869-2863

About us:

DogWatch Hidden Fences has been on the forefront of pet containment since 1990, surrounding over hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world with freedom. Our pet fences are Simply the Best . . . No Getting Around It.

Give us a call today (403) 869-2863! We’d be happy to discuss your pet containment needs and work with you to plan a system that is right for you and your pet.

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