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DogWatch of Mid-Alabama

DogWatch of Mid-Alabama is locally owned and operated Paul Cobb. In August 2015 Paul purchased of the dealership from long time friend and previous DogWatch Dealer, Tim Gourlay. The DogWatch Hidden Fence dealership has served mid Alabama since 1995.

Paul Cobb DogWatch of Mid-Alabama Picture

Paul Cobb

(334) 356-8605

From our customers:

  • DogWatch of Mid-Alabama did a great job installing our fence and training our dogs. We don't worry about our fur babies when away and they love being outside! The new App even allows us to monitor their activity each day and we have the peace of mind to know that even if we are away we will be alerted to any problem with our DogWatch fence. Wish we had done this sooner!
    Carol Ann M.

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