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DogWatch of Chattanooga

Cliff Milam has been serving the surrounding counties of southeast Tennessee and North Georgia as the owner of DogWatch® of Chattanooga since 2004. Cliff loves dogs and is committed to their safety and freedom while bringing quality service to every customer.

What our customers say

This system is great. Love it! Thank you so much. The DogWatch system has kept my 2 Border collies contained to the property and they can still run and play in the creek.

DogWatch rocks. We are wildly happy and thankful for Cliff Milam and his crew.

The Crutchfield family and Libby

This was the best money we have spent for our dog (and us). We looked to different options for fencing and they are either expensive or an eye sore. Wood fencing usually dry rots over time and metal is expensive.

Now we have a fence to keep the dog in but deer, turkeys, other wildlife can still roam our little acreage. Would buy this again 1,000 times

Jon G.

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