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DogWatch by Family Fence

Our DogWatch dealership proudly services Tri-Corner of SC, GA and NC and the surrounding area.

Ken Reitano DogWatch by Family Fence Picture

Ken Reitano

(864) 710-3776

About us:

Our family consists of Ken, Cindy and Teddy, our Bichon Frise. Our children are all grown now but three of our children, Crystal, Sam and AJ still participate in the family business.

We love working with animals because our pets are family members and we see other pets as their extended family. We chose DogWatch because it was the best system out there when we signed up over twenty years ago. We have stayed with DogWatch because we believe they are still the best, product on the market. With the FM Safelink design, 2 year battery life vs. the 3 to 4 month battery life of the competitors, and a user friendly transmitter and the warranty offered there still is in our minds no better system out there.

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