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DogWatch by Countryview Kennels

Our DogWatch dealership proudly services West Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Amanda Loukota DogWatch by Countryview Kennels Picture

Amanda Loukota

(731) 427-8585

About us:

DogWatch of West Tennessee is a division of Countryview Kennels, with Headquarters in Jackson, Tennessee. Countryview is one of the largest boarding kennels in Tennessee. We have been in business since May 1988 when we started boarding, grooming, training, and retailing pet supplies. In 1992, Countryview began installing and servicing DogWatch Hidden Fences. During this period, we have installed over 1400 fences in the West Tennessee area.

When you call us the phone will likely be answered by Amanda Loukota, who has been with us since March 1996. During that time she attended a DogWatch Office Organization and Sales Support seminar in Chicago, and she attends the annual DogWatch Dealers Meetings. When you call our number the phone will be answered with “Countryview Kennels, may I help you”.  Just indicate that yours is a DogWatch call and you will be connected with Amanda who will be able to answer all your questions.

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