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Indoor Cat Boundary Troubleshooting Tips

Transmitter (CAT200)

  • Check to make sure the transmitter is plugged in, wall switches are turned on and the power light is on.
  • If transmitter is functioning properly, you may need to:
    • Increase the range setting. Too small a signal field may allow your pet to get too close to the boundary area before receiving a warning.
    • Increase the rate setting.  Increasing the rate setting means the signal will be sent more frequently. A ‘Slow’ rate is usually all that is needed for most cats as they usually respond reliably to the audible warning and rarely challenge the boundary after training. If your cat tends to test the boundary, try a higher rate setting until the behavior changes.

Receiver (CR7)

  • Check the receiver by placing the test light on the contact posts while holding the receiver next to your transmitter. Avoid touching the posts. If your test light lights up, your receiver is working properly.
  • Ensure that the collar fits and the contact posts actually touch your pet’s skin.
  • Be sure the receiver battery is inserted correctly. Replace the battery if necessary. Typical battery life is up to 6 months.
  • If the receiver is functioning properly, you may need to increase the correction level on the collar until the cat is trained and consistently avoids the off-limits area.
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