We are pleased to announce that the DogWatch ProFence is a Premium Selection Consumers Digest Best Buy in the underground pet-containment category. Consumers Digest conducts product reviews in the pet-containment category every 2 to 3 years, and the DogWatch ProFence (formerly called the DogWatch Performance Series Fence) has received a ‘Best Buy’ designation in each review since 1998.

‘Best Buys’ in Underground Pet-Containment systems are selected based on features, warranty, and the company’s reputation for quality. The Premium Selection designation denotes the DogWatch ProFence is a full-featured product that delivers excellent performance.

The DogWatch ProFence system includes a combination of unique features not found in other containment systems. Some of the features noted in the review include a heavier wire gauge (which provides a more secure boundary), the ability to fine tune correction levels, the AutoMemory® feature, which automatically adjusts correction levels and the TattleTale® feature which lets you know if your pet challenged the boundary. It is also noted that the DogWatch ProFence system is suitable for dogs of all sizes, even as small as 3 pounds!

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What is a ‘Best Buy’ and Why Does It Matter?

CDBB3d4c-300x275“A Consumers Digest Best Buy is a product that delivers exceptional value for a given amount of money. That doesn’t mean that it’s simply the least expensive product in its category. In general, a Consumers Digest Best Buy is one that merits special attention from consumers based on its combination of eight criteria: performance, ease of use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements.”  (Source: www.consumersdigest.com/best-buy-process)

The Consumers Digest Best Buy Designation is the result of a rigorous process.

The process of determining the Consumers Digest Best Buy follows these steps:

  • Basic Criteria: Ensure that the product meets four basic criteria: national availability in retail stores or via an established online retailer; a national dealer network/service organization to support repairs/service; a manufacturer of established reputation (unless it’s part of a genuinely new technology); availability for at least 6 months after the publication date of Consumers Digest’s Best Buy recommendation.
  • Independent Evaluation: Assessment can include: hands-on evaluation; a review of independent evaluation and testing; reports from government agencies and others; interviews of retailers and service technicians; a review of consumer surveys; and evaluations from other entities. Consumers Digest staff samples numerous models to include first-hand experience in the overall evaluation of various models in a category.
  • Grouping into Categories: The select few products that make it through the process are grouped by price range and are typically classified into three categories: [P] Premium selection, which denotes that a product is full-featured and delivers excellent performance and is priced accordingly; [M] Midrange selection, which indicates that a product has many popular features and good performance at a price below the top of the line for the category; and [E] Economy selection, which means that a product delivers satisfactory performance via basic features at an advantageous price for cost-conscious consumers.
  • Adhering to a Standardized Process: Every product-category evaluation is spearheaded by Consumers Digest senior editors. On each product evaluation, at least one expert evaluator/writer is hired to collaborate.

Golden retriever running within DogWatch Hidden Fence boundary

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