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DogFence UK Dealer Ward Chapman trains Irish Setter

Help Protect UK Dog Owners’ Right to Keep Their Pets Safe

For the past 15 years, DogWatch Dealers Ward and Samantha Chapman of DogFence UK have been helping keep dogs and cats across the United Kingdom and Ireland stay safe from roads and other dangers. Right now, however, they are facing a big challenge.

Last week, the UK Government announced that it is considering a proposal to ban the use of electronic training collars for pets. These radio collars (often mistakenly referred to as ‘electric shock’ collars) are widely used worldwide for pet training and containment. Before a final decision is made, the government will have a 6 week consultation on the subject.  Read post »

Black Lab with SmartFence Activity and TattleTale Screen

SmartFence WebApp Update: The TattleTale Graph is Here!

Announcing the newest feature of our exclusive SmartFence™ – the TattleTale™ Graph!

The TattleTale lets users know when and how many times their pet has entered the Avoidance Zone. By tracking the frequency and timing of these ‘boundary challenges,’ pet parents can spot potential distractions – like a neighbor’s dog or a school bus – and address them right away. Read post »

New UK Study on the Impact of Hidden Fences on Cats

Our name may be DogWatch, but thousands of cats worldwide also use our hidden fences to explore the outdoors safely. Giving their cat the freedom to roam outdoors is important for many cat owners, but it brings with it many challenges, including keeping cats away from roads and other hazards and preventing their natural prey drive from impacting local wildlife populations. Outdoor cats are particularly common in the United Kingdom (UK), where animal behaviorists recently announced the findings of a new study on the impact of hidden fences on cat behavior and welfare.

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Answering the Big Questions About Underground Fencing

Seeing a happy, healthy dog playing in his own yard without a tether and without constant supervision is a joy to a dog lover, and frequently leads to a friendly chat with that well-behaved dog’s owner. More often than not, the impressed observer learns that there is an underground pet fence installed around the yard’s perimeter and the dog has been trained to respect that boundary.

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