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DogWatch of East Coast Florida

We are Ron and Karen Knight, owners of DogWatch of East Coast Florida. We have lived on Florida's East Coast since the 1970's. We are hands-on owners with many years of experience. What we care about most is providing excellent customer service and keeping your pets happy and safe!

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Ron and Karen Knight

(772) 207-3777

About us:

We’ve lived on Florida’s East Coast since the 1970’s and are excited to share DogWatch products with our neighbors!

We love working with animals because our pets have always played a significant role in our lives. We chose DogWatch because DogWatch had a superior product offering with the FM Safelink design, 2 year battery life vs. the 3 to 4 month battery life of the competitors, a user friendly transmitter, and the only SmartFence available!

We hope to have the opportunity to help keep your pet safe.

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