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  • #1 Reviews Program
  • #2 Social Media Program
  • #3  PPC Program: Scheduled for June 24, 4:00 pm EST

Webinar #1: Reviews Program

Webinar #1, focuses on using the Reviews Program and features our own Jackie Mosher-Bruss and our Customer Success Manager, Caroline Featherstone. Topics include:

  1. Signing-in to Reviews
  2. Reading and Responding to Reviews via
  3. Sending Review Requests to Your Customers Using the App
  4. Using custom templates to make requesting and responding quick and easy.
  5. Live Q & A with Caroline Featherstone

Learn more here: Webinar #1: Reviews Program 

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If you are interested in signing up for the Reviews Program, or if you have questions, please contact Jackie Mosher-Bruss.

Webinar #2: Using the Social Media Tools

Social Media is an effective and efficient way to build Brand awareness and grow your business. And it is free. But finding the time to do it and keeping your content engaging and fresh can be a challenge.

The Social Media tools in the platform can enhance what you do on Social Media while making it easier to do. Resources include:

  • A ‘Library’ of DogWatch Social Media posts, images and videos you can use and customize post
  • Editing tools
  • A ‘Calendar’ post planner that let’s you create and schedule Social Media posts in advance

The Social Media tools are available (FREE!) to all Dealers in the Dealer Facebook Program. To participate in the Facebook program, contact Jackie Mosher-Bruss.  [Note: If you would like to use the Social Media tools in without participating in the Dealer Facebook Program, the cost is $15.00/month.]

Learn more here: Webinar #2: Social Media Tools


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