BigLeash® Remote Trainer


The BigLeash Remote Trainer is a safe and effective training tool to help you train your dog. Remote training collars are used to teach and reinforce training commands such as 'come', 'sit', 'stay', and 'heel; and they can also be used to help correct unwanted behaviors.

Both the BigLeash S-15 and the BigLeash V-10 received a 2014 Family Choice Award recognizing each of them as one of the "best in Pet products and resources."

How Remote Trainers Work

Remote Trainers let you send an electronic radio signal from a handheld transmitter to a receiver collar worn by your dog. The signal gets the dog's attention and can be used to reinforce your training command or to distract him from an undesirable behavior.

Why Remote Trainers Work

Remote trainers have several major advantages over other training techniques:

1. Precise Timing

One of the benefits of using a remote trainer is that the training signal can be more precisely applied in association with the behavior. Training works best if you can shape the behavior while it is occurring. Keeping the training message clear helps your dog learn more quickly.

2. Consistency

Consistency is key to any learning. Make your training message precise and keep it consistent, and your dog will understand what you expect. He’ll be happier - - and so will you.

3. Remote Application

There are times when remote signal is important - - like when your dog is at a distance and cannot hear a verbal command.  A remote signal is not possible with other training approaches.

4. Anonymous Application

Sometimes training is more effective when your dog associates the training signal with the behavior rather than with you. If your dog thinks his action caused the signal, he is more likely to avoid the behavior - even when you aren't there to correct him.  An anonymous signal is difficult with other training approaches.

Happy Customers

Durable, waterproof receiver. Rain or swimming is ok. The LED lights are great at night. Battery life is good. I use the BigLeash training collar 3-5 hours a day for a week before recharging. Nice option of vibration or sound.

dogwatch consumer best buy award