DogWatch® Hidden Fences are designed to keep your pet safe and to be safe for your pet.

Hide the Fence. Not your yard!

A DogWatch hidden fence gives your pets freedom while keeping them happy and safe in their own yard. You can also use a hidden fence to designate areas that are “off-limits” such as flowerbeds, a gated driveway, kids play area, swimming pool, or BBQ pit. We can install a system for a small area or up to 200 acres. We can go over the river and through the woods - or whatever is right for you.

Works Well for Cat Containment, Too!

Our DogWatch hidden fence system works well as a cat fence, too. If you have a dog and a cat? No problem. You can use a DogWatch hidden fence as a cat fence and a dog fence at the same time. And if you have several dogs and cats? No problem. Our hidden fence systems can handle multiple pets. And since no two pets are alike, the collar settings can be individually adjusted to suit the breed, size, age and temperament of each dog and/or cat on the system.

Our unique GentleFit™ Contact Posts and R7mini receivers are a purrfect combination for cats!  Give us a call to learn more.

Sample Containment Area Options

Customized solutions for your pet's outside habitat. (Click on the links below to see examples of containment areas.)

We also have indoor systems if you want to keep your pet off the kitchen counter, out of the trash, away from a piece of furniture (or a whole room) or to keep him from running out an open door. And don't forget to check out the BigLeash Remote Trainer by DogWatch!

Happy Customers

We liked our system so much, we recommended it to our neighbors who have two dogs, one which we thought would never stay on his property , but it works great for them now as well. What a relief it is to be able to go outside and know that your dog is safe within the boundaries of your property. Thank you, Dogwatch!

dogwatch consumer best buy award