The 30 Cutest Mixed Breed Dog Names

Ever heard of a Horgi? What about a Cheagle? Or how about a Schnoodle? All three of these are names of mixed breed dogs! Next Friday, July 31 is National Mutt Day, and we decided to kick off the celebration early with this tribute to our favorite mixed breed dogs names. This also gives us a chance to highlight some of the fabulously unique “hybrid” dogs and mystery mixes that are part of the DogWatch Hidden Fences family. Check it out, and tell us your favorite mixed breed name in the comments!

Are you a proud “mutt” parent? Post a photo of your mixed breed dog on our Facebook page or via Instagram using the tag #DogWatchMutt and tell us why he or she is the best dog out there. We’ll collect the best photos and stories for an upcoming blog post all about mutts.

Bernedoodle, Bo-Jack and Border Chow

From left, Lilo the Bernedoodle from Lancaster, PA, Little Duke the Bo-Jack from Bozeman, MT, and Maggie the Border Chow from Atlanta, GA

Bernedoodle – Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle

Bogle – Beagle and Boxer

Bo-Jack – Boston Terrier and Jack Russell

Border Chow – Border Collie and Chow Chow

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Dive In! DogWatch Hidden Fences for Waterfront Homes

Lucy the Labradoodle and David Downey

Lucy the Labradoodle, swimming with her Dad, DogWatch Dealer David Downey.

Lucy the Labradoodle lives on the shores of beautiful Joslin Lake in Unadilla, Michigan, and she loves to swim. Lucy’s parents, David and Kathy Downey, enjoy watching their young dog leap into the water, but they worried that she may swim too far away from their home. They needed a solution that would allow Lucy the freedom to enjoy the water while also giving them the peace of mind that she will stay close to home.

Luckily for Lucy, David and Kathy are DogWatch Dealers and owners of DogWatch by Laughing Labrador, so they didn’t have to look far! When the Downeys installed a DogWatch Hidden Fence for Lucy on their own property, they simply extended the boundary wire into the water, giving Lucy the ability to swim freely and safely.

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DogWatch’s Guide to a Dog-Friendly Fourth of July BBQ

4th of July dogIt’s almost Independence Day in the USA, and folks around the country are preparing for their annual cookouts, picnics and BBQs to be shared with family and friends. Outdoor feasts are a summer staple, and a dog’s dream. “So much yummy food,” says Fido, “and all within reach in my backyard!”

Luckily, there are a number of Fourth of July foods that you can share with your furry family member. DogTails has compiled a dog-friendly BBQ menu to help you put together that special summer bowl just for your pup. These tips will also help you keep an eye out for dangerous foods that dogs should NOT eat on the Fourth (or any other day). As always, pay attention to ingredients, keep servings of the “good” people food small, and don’t leave the food or trash unattended – these are some of the steps to making this a safe and healthy holiday for your dog!

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5 Tips for a Happy Summer With Your Dog

Biz & Nellie

DogWatch Dogs Biz & Nellie

The DogWatch dogs LOVE summer. Biz the Lab likes to go swimming at lunchtime. Lucy the Pug mix loves to go to Maine to visit family. Nellie the Aussie loves to roll around in the freshly cut grass. And Gizmo the Papillon puppy? He loves EVERYTHING about summer, especially his Friday trips to DogWatch to see his new friends!

In honor of our summer-loving pups, the DogWatch team has pulled together our top 5 tips to help make your summer a perfect one for you and your dog. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the sunshine!

Beat the Heat

Two dogs pantingAs much as they love the sun, too much heat can be harmful for our pets. Our Summer Health Tips blog post lists the steps you can take to keep your pet safe on those hot days. Key tips include making sure your pet stays hydrated, avoiding walks on hot asphalt to protect the paws and never leaving your pet inside of a hot car. And when you slather on the sunscreen, don’t forgot to put some on the dog, too! Your dog’s nose and ear areas are susceptible to sun damage, and light colored and short haired dogs require more sun protection than darker or longer haired dogs. With a little preparation and moderation, you and your best bud can fully enjoy those long summer days safely.

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