Dog Tails Dog of the Month Shiloh

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: Shiloh the DogWatch Office Dog

For this month’s Dog Tails Dog of the Month, we didn’t have to look far. Shiloh, one of our DogWatch Office Dogs, went through a health scare recently. This tough pup didn’t let a little surgery get him down, though, and the whole DogWatch team was inspired by strong spirit and persistent smile. We are sharing Shiloh’s story not only because we are proud of him, but also because his condition and treatment are a good example of why it’s important to monitor your pet’s health and visit your vet regularly.
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with nose in the air

What is a “Reverse Sneeze”?

It’s scary the first time it happens. All of a sudden, your dog starts making a series of short, loud, unpleasant noises. It seems like she’s doing some combination of wheezing or sneezing or snorting; it’s hard to tell. Then, after 15 seconds or so, she’s quiet again, and everything is back to normal. What was that?!?
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DOG_2776 by Cathy T via Flickr

It’s Baseball Season, and Dogs are Welcome!

Batter up! Another baseball season is underway, and we’re looking forward to cheering on our favorite teams. In recent years, many ball parks have held events that welcome our furry friends into the stands, too. So this year we’ve rounded up some of these upcoming events sure to delight all you baseball-loving dog owners out there. Check ‘em out, and see if your local team has joined the dog-friendly club!
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DogWatch Office Dogs Take Over

The DogWatch Office Dogs – including Toby the Pomeranian, Lucy the Chug, Brodie the Dachshund, Biz the black Lab and Nellie the Aussie – are taking over DogWatch HQ in Natick, MA, and making some new rules!

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody! And to see more DogWatch Office Dog videos, check us out on YouTube.