The DogWatch Office Dogs: Hard-Working Pups!

Each of our 10 office dogs has an important job to do at DogWatch Headquarters in Natick, MA. Check out Biz the Black Lab, Brodie the Dachshund, Nellie the Australian Shepherd and more in this, our latest DogWatch Office Dogs video!

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Dog Tails Dog of the Month Ludivine

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: Ludivine the Marathon Bloodhound

We’re starting a new tradition in the new year – the Dog Tails Dog of the Month! In this feature, we’ll share fun, adventurous, inspiring stories of dogs who have made headlines and captured our hearts.

Our first Dog Tails Dog of the Month is Ludivine, a Bloodhound from Alabama who became a sensation earlier this month when she accidentally joined a half-marathon race in her hometown. How did Ludivine go from a “lazy girl” to a world-famous dog athlete? Read on to find out!
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DogWatch office dog Biz enjoying a snowy game of fetch

Cold Weather Dog Safety Tips from Ears to Paws

Winter Storm Jonas is set to hit the east coast of the U.S. this weekend, marking one of the first big storms of 2016. Dog owners, are you ready for the snow, ice, sleet and just plain COLD weather of winter? From ears to paws and from nose to tail, we’ve got you and your pup covered.
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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Fool4myCanon via Flickr

Facts About Canine Influenza

Canine influenza, also known as dog flu, has been in the news again lately, following a reappearance in several states of the virus that affected over 1000 dogs in the Chicago area last spring. The recent outbreak at the start of 2016 has affected 80-90 dogs in the Seattle area as well as at least one dog in Montana.

Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) is a very contagious virus that began in horses and birds before spreading to dogs. Canine influenza is not typically fatal, and with treatment, the dog can recover fully within a week to a month. However in most severe cases (less than 10% of dogs who contract it), CIV can lead to high fever, pneumonia and death. Similar to our previous post on Parvovirus, we have pulled together some facts about canine influenza, how it’s spread, symptoms and treatment.
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