Battery Purchase

Purchase a Battery from your local DogWatch Dealer

Need a battery right away? Give your local Dealer a call or check their local website as many Dealers offer on option to order batteries online. This is usually the quickest and easiest way to purchase a new battery. Your local Dealer knows what you need and will make sure you get it. And your Dealer can also make sure it is really the battery and not something else like a wire break or problem with the transmitter or receiver. 


Order a Battery from DogWatch Customer Service

Batteries can also be ordered from DogWatch Customer Service.

Phone: (800) 793-3436 x622   Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Sign up for a Prepaid Battery Plan

If you want to make sure you always have a battery when you need it, sign up for one of our Prepaid Battery Plans. The DogWatch Battery Plan ensures the timely delivery of batteries for your receivers. Sign up for the Battery Plan by filling out our online form (click below to go to the form) and DogWatch will automatically ship a prepaid battery to you a few weeks before you need it.


Receiver TypeReceiver Model
Prepayment PlanPlan Cost     
2-year BatteryR8, R9, R12003.6 v1 Battery$19.95
10-month BatteryR300, AR300, R30003.6 v1 Battery$19.95
6-month BatteryR7, R7mini3.0 v2 Batteries (1 year)$19.95
4-month BatteryR63.0 v3 Batteries (1 year)$29.95
 4-month BatteryR100, R2007.5 v3 Batteries (1 year)$83.25

We will include a renewal card, so you will never forget to change a battery on time - and your pet will always be safely contained. For receivers that have a 2-year or 10 month battery, you will receive a renewal card with each battery. For receivers that use a 6-month battery or a 4-month battery, you prepay for a year of batteries, so the renewal card will be sent with the final battery.

Battery Plan Reminder:  New Receiver?  New Address?

If have a Battery Plan and your DogWatch Dealer upgrades your dog's receiver, please call us to change your existing record. Your new receiver may use a different battery.  And don't forget to let us know if you move!