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If you think we might be a bit biased about our own products, read what our customers and pet professionals have to say about us. Actually, our happiest customers can't say much, but judging from the tail wagging out there, we think our most important customers are very satisfied.

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DogWatch customers are our best supporters!

For example, here is a letter from a Guiding Eyes Working Dog owner:

Thanks to Dave and Sharon Wingfield at Hudson Valley DogWatch, my dogs are getting the outdoor activity they yearn for during this snowiest of winters. Since I am blind it is difficult to take my dogs outdoors to play off leash. If I over throw the toy they may run into the road to retrieve it. And no matter how well trained my dogs may be it only takes one time to get hit by a car.

It takes years of training to prepare a guide dog to be paired with a blind person, yet it will only take a few things to ruin his working ability. The point I want to convey is not only how wonderful it is to have the freedom to be outdoors with my dogs off leash and not worry about them going into the road, but more importantly that it is safe and my dogs look forward to putting their DogWatch Hidden Fence collars on to go out. It has had no negative effects on my guide dog's work abilities. He is not timid or afraid to go out the door. In fact, when we first had the Dogwatch Hidden Fence installed, and the flags were up, my golden would go over to them and nudge the flags when he was on the outside of the boundary without the collar. He even peed on the flags a few times as to say, "So there! I got you too!"

I highly recommend Hudson Valley Dog Watch Hidden Fence Systems. Dave Wingfield is an impressive trainer. Working with him was like working with the expert trainers at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. If I can say that the Dogwatch Hidden Fence is safe for my guide dog than it is safe for yours. Stop hesitating and call Dave and Sharon at Hudson Valley Dog Watch Hidden Fence Systems. You'll be impressed too.

Cheryl F. Wallkill, NY
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What the experts are saying...

Professional dog trainers and veterinarians around the country not only use DogWatch products for their own pets, they recommend them to their clients. Whether it’s our outdoor pet fence or an indoor wireless pet fence, experts agree that DogWatch pet containment systems have the best technology on the market today. Read on to see why the DogWatch pet fence is Vet Approved and Recommended.

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Happy Customers

Pete has been TIRELESS in his support of our very difficult 3 year old golden. He has come out and trouble shot our system and given us countless pieces of advice. I am very happy we chose DogWatch over Invisible Fence. Pete has been awesome.

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