DogWatch. The Original Hidden Fence Company! 

We Work So Dogs Can Play

DogWatch has been in the business of making hidden dog fence systems since 1990. We also offer indoor pet fence systems and remote training collars. It is what we do; it is all we do. And it is very important to us that we do it well. We are committed to ensuring that the quality of our products and our customer service are second to none. We want to be known as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.

Our products are designed at our corporate office in Massachusetts (where we have been since the company was founded), and our hidden fence is sold and installed only by locally owned Dealerships (not franchises or regional distributors). Our local Dealers own their own business, so they have a great incentive to provide you with outstanding service.

What Is a Hidden Dog Fence?

DogWatch pet fences use an electronic radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. Your dog (or cat) wears a special collar with a receiver that detects the radio signal and alerts the dog when he gets too close to the underground fence. Using an electronic radio pet fence is easy and it is safe.

Hidden fences are sometimes referred to as underground dog fence or underground fencing, radio pet fence, wireless pet fence or "invisible fence."*

What a Hidden Dog Fence Is Not

The DogWatch pet containment system is not an electric dog fence! The buried wire is not electrified. DogWatch and other ‘invisible’* underground pet fence systems are a form of electronic dog fence which use a radio signal. The dog wears a special collar that detects the radio signal. Hidden and "invisible" pet fences should not be mistakenly referred to as 'electric fences' or 'electric dog fence'. They are radio fences, not electric fences.

Veterinarians, pet professionals and pet trainers all over the world own and recommend DogWatch Hidden Fence pet containment systems. Whatever your pet containment needs are, a DogWatch Hidden Fence is the best way to give your pet the freedom he deserves while keeping him safe.

Hidden Fences Work For Cats, Too!

All DogWatch products are effective for cats, too! Create an invisible boundary that keeps your cat in your yard and out of the kids' sandbox. You can also create an indoor cat fence to keep kitty off the kitchen counter, away from your new sofa and out of the baby's room. And you can use the system for cat containment and dog containment at the same time!

Happy Customers

What great people you have working for this company. I am so impressed. In today's world when customer service and quality don't appear to be foremost in a company's mind...that's not the case for DogWatch. Your folks are extremely professional, personal and customer service-oriented. I recommend your underground dog fences and services to all my friends. Thanks for making our "electronic fencing" experience a great one.

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